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Weight and watch - Truweight honest customer review

Losing weight is the exhausting and energy consuming process. I am 72 kgs and I am 15 kgs overweight according to my BMI. Apart from the excessive fat across my belly and thighs, I aspire to be more muscular than lean but the problem with me is that I tend to lose muscle with the dietician’s approach and end up weak, vitamin deficient and fragile.

I came across to know about Truweight from my husband and their obsessive display ads popups after just a single website visit. I will sum up the whole process so that you know exactly what to expect:

- Online form : I filled up a form on their website and scheduled an appointment. Got a confirmation call for the same.

- Home visit : Their representative visits you at home and basically asks you about your concern. In this phase, you need to be clear as I was not concerned about my weight but more on my muscle build as I thought their program was focused on weight aspect only. Turns out they were more into overall healthy body and concept of weight loss was not just limited to body weight but the fat weight and muscle maintenance with nutrition balance using superfoods. So in the entire process, they will educate you about the concept, about superfoods, eating habits, exercises, recipes and more. The representative will weigh you with a more accurate Body Composition Monitor device, which will analyse the overall fat, the bone density, fat across your organs, metabolic rate, body muscle percentage, and more aspects. All these will help to guide which aspect of your body need to be targeted and how long will it need to resolve the issue. Based on that they will give you an estimated time of the program and what will suit you. You can pick the same option or like me, opt for something basic like a 3 months package to know how it works and then move forward or even opt out of the entire thing and choose to discontinue. They will share some sample foods and ask you about your food presences as they provide most of the food (except vegetables/fruits/dry fruits) in a monthly subscription.

- Online consultation: The process starts with you downloading their app and registering yourself on it. Then you get a call from the dietician to provide the basic information about your medical condition and the diet you follow. The dietician will ask to take some basic blood test before the package starts and also share a detailed link to fill the results. 2 kits will be sent to you, 1 a detox kit and another a monthly kit. You’ll be told to not to open any until told.

- Package: The package starts with 10 days non-refundable detox and a relationship manager will tell you about cancelling the entire package within the first 10 days for a refund. Detox is basically getting the body clean from all the heavy food. In this phase, you’ll cut down on sugar, wheat, rice, milk and milk products, and follow a gluten-free diet. Supplements, probiotic and Triphala will be also added on regular basis. A dietician will be assigned to you who will follow up with follow up on regular basis and you need to share all the concern in this regard with them. A diet plan will be shared for each day on the app and you need to mark your daily dietary details with water intake and workout information.

- Phases : The entire process will be divided into such type of phases. Fat loss phase, muscle gain phase, immunity building, etc. will be explained to you as the days progress. Your monthly kit will be changed accordingly and the dietician will explain about it every time the phase starts.

Honest takes :

  • What is required from your end is full dedication, honesty and a good routine.

  • A lot of time will be consumed in the kitchen and so you should plan things ahead of time to be on the safer side.

  • Keep a track of supply of vegetables and fruits as they come short too soon.

  • I am on my second month and I lost around 3 kgs. My weight did fluctuate in-between but soon it stabilised and started decreasing.

  • Honestly, they educate really well about good dietary habits which you can follow for life but I feel 3 months package is pretty enough to learn and implement in your life.

  • Food shared is a mix. Some stuff really pops up as tasty as the poha, upma, none kokum drink, quinoa & seeds snack and shake-a-day chocolate were my personal favourites. But the taste is subjective, you should try the samples as the diet will consist of all that stuff only.

Overall it’s a mixed experience till now, actually a neural one. But if you have extra money to invest in and are serious about losing weight then Truweight cuts the fit. Otherwise a regular follow up with your dietician is does equally good.

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