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Don’t you like when your friend shares something great which you would have otherwise never come across on your own and you feel like re-sharing it with all your other friends as well? Same goes with user generated images(UGI), it’s basically not your original content but you find it align with your interests and realise that it matches the frequency of your audience.

With user generated images you basically decrease your workload, expand your network and also provide exposure to the original source. Eventually it’s win-win-win for everyone.

But you can’t share anything and everything which is been shared by others.

You need to align the UGI with your brand and you need to understand if it fits your brand or not. For that here are few steps which you need to check when you search for UGI for your brand:


All the pictures used by you speak of your brand, the colour, the niche, the imagery, etc. So when you selected UGI, you need to keep that in mind as well. Even the filter, saturation, contrast, fonts, etc. should speak of your brand. Uniformity helps the audience remember your brand, builds brand association and leads to brand recall. Over the period as soon as you post an image, your audience will know it’s your brand because of consistent use of an uniform branding.

Be selective:

Original content is always good but when you use other's content/images you should keep in mind the frequency, too much of anything is bad and so is UGI. You need to be very selective, use images that are relevant to your brand and communicates the feel of your brand. Something maybe trending, like cat photos, baby shares, etc. are not recommended if they don’t align with your branding guidelines.

Get started:

Being organised will help you images and select them with easy in the long run. It helps you see a bigger picture all together. Create a gallery of curated images for reference, create hashtag for easy search of your brand images among your users, create a calendar for UGI and so on. Basically if you create organise everything weeks ahead of your posting that’ll sure help you out.

If you are searching for free image sharing websites then do checkout Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay. These sites have copyright-free image and video collections which can sure help you start with your image curation journey.

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