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Fast duotone effect tutorial

Duotone is probably the most used effect of 2017 after gradient, it’s simple, easy and quick to learn. Before diving into subject of duotone let us distinguish between 2 commonly confusable editing techniques which is mistakenly recognised as duotone by many.

Fake duotone : (or duograph)

In this technique a single solid colour is painted with one colour half tone where the white part is taken over by the single solid colour resulting …..

Greyscale in colour :

Here single monochrome image is in greyscale which is one colour with no separation of whites and blacks.

Reverting back to the topic! Duotone is halftone image where in one colour halftone is superimposed on another. So let’s make a duotone image!

Step 1:

Select a picture of your choice and open it in Adobe Photoshop.

Step 2:

Convert it into a black and white image. Adjust the contrast, levels and colours as per your convenience.

Step 3:

Add a new layer (N + Shift + Ctrl), fill it with your light colour of choice. I used #00ff36. Then go the the blending option and change the mode to multiply.

Step 4:

Add another layer, fill it with dark shade this time. I used #23278a. And change the blending mode to lighten.

Step 5:

Play around with the image. Adjustment like colour balance, exposure and levels will sure give the image an edge above.

Step 6:

Play around with background to make more awesome images with this effect and share in your evil genius with me!

All done! Watch the video in hindi for more details.

Checkout the amazing way others are playing around with this effect:

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