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Bigbasket, big enough? Consumer review -

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

I am married & I am lazy, so what do I do? I buy groceries online! These days with everything available online, buying groceries & household stuff just cuts down the time & simplifies our life more. Big basket is a well know name in Bangalore & when I arrived here after marriage it was the one thing I totally was looking forward to but as soon as I placed my first order I received a call that my pin code is not available for home delivery, I was frustrated cause after spending almost hour of filling my big basket with random household stuff, which I had no idea of using in my near future, was worthless now. So that time I realised that these guys should ask for my pin code before the tragedy of rejecting the very first order. But soon after that episode and months later, Bigbaskets were being dropped off in my locality. So after using it many times I have concluded an honest review of my experience with here below:-

Things I liked-

  1. Smart basket - Smart basket is, nothing but a basket of your bought items. Quick and easy way to just go through it in case you are buying the same stuff and have forgotten something from your list just glance it once and life gets easier. Something I really use and like a lot, even when I am shopping at a supermarket this smart basket comes handy.

  2. Notifier - Most of the time things are out of order on BB, so notifier takes care of getting back to the consumers and keeping them happy. As soon as you see you favourite thing out of stock, click on notify me option and you’ll get a SMS/email or app notification when it’s back in stock.

  3. Payment options - Almost all types of payment options are available from online net banking to offline card on delivery. Even Sodexo and ticket restaurant coupons are accepted. Generally they have certain amount of discount on purchase every month. Plus that they provide various kinds of discounts on different payment method. You can even buy a gift-card for someone.

  4. Speciality store - Tied-up with so many local shops, BB delivers these local brand products with easy via express delivery. Be it flowers, birthday cakes, sweets, ice-cream, etc.

  5. Returns - Didn’t like something? Just return it on the spot or make a complaint via customer care chat and a refund on BB wallet will be made asap.

  6. Cookbook - What better use of selling huge number of ingredients? Tell them how to use all that! Cookbook is just a normal step by step guide of cooking delicious food but the best part is the link to buy all the ingredients is also shared along.

  7. Green basket - These guys are eco-friendly and proud. Basically the entire concept is based on the energy efficient model which is completely opposite to high energy consuming big supermarkets. They bypass the middleman and transport goods directly from wholesalers. Their fruits and vegetable trays are reusable and can be returned to them after use.

  8. Express delivery - 90 mins express delivery option is there for urgent needs but I do feel it lacks the concept of express as many items are unavailable for that.

  9. Description - I love the how to use section in description but it is also missing in many items.

Things I did’t like-

  1. Not that big - I am very brand conscious when it comes to buying household stuff. When I was going through the various products, even though I am impressed with the variety of things the website has to offer (Like Uncle chips!!!), I did observe that many brands were missing, there was a lack in variety and brands. Many items are available in one city and does not exist in other cities. For instance I eat India gate diabetics rice only but inspite of all the other variety of IndiaGate rice (Which is super impressive, I didn’t even know they had Jasmine rice, WTH is that??) it was not available. I even have millet/gluten free products, organic fruits and vegetables only but again there were not many options available and those available were out of stock, which leads to my next point.

  2. Too much out of stock - okay if you run a product based website, inventory management is the most important aspect. And when a customer consistently sees a out of stock board almost everywhere, there are chances of losing the faith and trust in the website. It’s just bad sign, I will think twice the next time I want to but something. But the good part is notification option in case you want something really bd (like uncle chips in my case) they notify by app notification or SMS and that pleasing ping just makes your day!

  3. Booking a slot - After buying, you need to book a slot, but whenever I tried to book my slot, I never had the chance to book it according to my time, cause that particular time slot is never available. And many times they ship different articles at different slots, and then you need to move the entire slot to make it one big slot, probably reading this slot thing is little irritating but think about how irritating is it when you actually do that yourself. It just takes away your time, just ship it man to the earliest! And the express delivery is almost not applicable to anything I want to buy in my Bangalore place but it was efficient in Mumbai, like within 60 mins things were at my place! Slots are delivered on time and in case they are delayed, Bigbasket guys call you to inform regarding the same. They have on time grantee incase of a detail you get a discount of 10%, don’t know it’s just words as I never got that myself!

  4. Quality check must - if you are buying anything online there is never a convince of checking it and returning it as soon as you receive. But gladly BB gives you the pleasure of checking stuff and returning on the spot if you don’t like the quality. This happened with me a lot, especially with fruits and veggies. As they are covered up in paper bags, you need to open it up and give a detailed inspection.

Information - Like most of us, I buy new things after reading a product description or a review about it. There are so many items which are new for the consumer like the international products or a new type of drink, but lack of any information and reviews just stops me from doing anything. Even though some items have description and how to use option, many items lack even a simple one line description. I love BB so much that I can’t even think about any other low points! But if there was I think that’ll be Sharukh khan being the endorser, with no so ever link with the brand, he gets to be the brand endorser?! This is like alslkjdlsjdjiewfew, exactly that just makes no sense!

So here are my rating for BigBasket - Website/App - 3/5 Quality - 3/5 Deliver- 4/5 Payment- 4/5 Customer care -5/5 Returns - 5/5 Offers - 3/5 Verdict - Go for it if you need to buy via food coupons or just cannot afford to shop physically like me and want to avoid the hassle of carrying things while shopping. But for regular vegetable shopping I still prefer the ancient method of getting it from the garden. It is still best option available in comparison with other players like groffers, amazon now, etc.

Do you shop from BB too? Do share your story about the shopping experience! Also watch my Bigbasket video for Hindi version:-

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