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Updated: Sep 9, 2018

Social media strategy can fall out for any brand if it does not follow few social media regimes in particular. Signs showing when a social media strategy is not into place if triggered in time can save a lot of efforts and money.

Any of the below signs if missed out can lead to bad social media strategy

1. No regular update

Regular updates are necessary for any social media page. Like real life as the saying goes out of sight out of mind, it also works in social media. You need to constantly talk and broadcast with your audience otherwise they will start forgetting about the brand. If the followers are not provided with what they are supposed to timely, they might just lose the interest and your brand might lose a potential brand advocate.

2. Broadcasting only

Even though social media is one of the medium to publish or promote businesses, it is also the human side of all businesses. Hence when brands just broadcast without purpose and does not talk or listen to the audience, the audience feel left out and the brand fails to connect with them. Advertising too much should be avoided. Broadcasting should be limited according to situation, think of yourself and a brand in this situation, do you like their constant update about the same product again and again? Likewise your audience also doesn’t want over dose of updates.

3. Too many auto posts

Auto posting the same content on all social media platforms might just skip on the chance of connecting to real followers. When you are auto posting, don’t post the same content on all the platforms as content on each platform needs to be tailor fitted according to the content.

4. Not responding to customers fast

Just like you like to be heard when you are making a point to someone in the same way customers too want to be heard and heard well when they are making an effort to comment. Make a point to reply to post as soon as possible as people take notice of the professionalism and urgency the brand portrays while replying to their questions.

5. Not Monitoring

No matter what the social media objective is, keep a track of your activities, quantify them as they are essential to plan your needs further and further expansion.

There are many other signs to detect a bad social media strategy as it does not restrict itself to 5 signs only. Which sign do you think is more essential? What more signs do you think can add on to this list? Share them

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