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3 tricks to be more confident

We'll know looking and speaking up confidently gives a boost to us, right from professional to personal the interactions. And working as a freelance designer, I felt confidence is the most important thing in order to gain the trust of your client. But sadly some of us, like me lack this quality. Being an introvert all my life, I tried many things to improve myself, I read books, watched videos, participated in workshops and what not. And after all those struggles, I somehow managed to realise that I cannot change my core introvert nature but I sure can act in situations in a more presentable, personable and compelling way to capture the opportunities around.

So here are my 3 tricks which can help anyone to become more confident:

#3 Know more

Don’t you love listening to people who inspire you with their tales, journeys, concepts, expert opinions, research and knowledge? They glow of confidence when they speak about all the things they know too much of from simple cooking tips to astrophysics! Many times even I felt that talking about things I am an expert of makes me shine with confidence. And in many cases if you keep yourself updated about the things around you, the current affairs, you can easily pool in any conversation with your own perceptive on the topic than shying out of the conversation due to lack of confidence. Just indulge in good quality books, articles, newspaper, etc. Don’t restrict yourself with the author’s point of view indulge in research, read the comments, see the other point of views and articulate your views with the help of all that.

#2 Trick your brain

Dr. Albert Mehrabian, professor of psychology in UCLA has quoted that your words form just 7% of your entire conversation with anyone, your tone comes second with around 38% and lastly at 55% is formulated by body language. Hence your posture plays a major role in your conversation with others. But did you know it also effects your confidence level. In a study by columbia and Harvard university, it was found with the help of saliva samples within the study group that postures actually altered the hormone levels—decreasing cortisol and increasing testosterone(basically builds up energy and confidence). In another study it was found that if we skipped our energy level increases and it drains when we slouch! (Source).

In the same way we can trick our bodies to be more confident scientifically is by smiling. When you smile, the brain releases chemicals into the body such as dopamine, endorphins and serotonin. Because of them we our stress levels decreases, heart rates lowers down and blood pressure decreases. Basically next time you feel bit hesitant, just fake a smile few times or stand erect and trick your brain to gain confidence. (Source)

#1 Practice

Practice leads to perfection, talk to the bartender or the grocery store guy, help a stranger in need, be among high energy people, compliment others, do something out of your comfort zone, groom yourself to look more confident, be interested in others, take pauses when you talk, etc. Basically socialise(listen, evaluate, and talk) to gain more confidence.

A pro-trick which I learned over a period of time is fake it till you make it, try to listen and act confident if you feel hesitant at first. That actually makes you believe somehow that you actually are confident and helps us to adjust for the initial hiccups.

Do let me know if theses tricks were good or not, also share your tricks which I can use!

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